Rennovation + Extension. Design, Visualization + Tender. 2016 Amman, Jordan.

ZK residence is shared by 3 generations of a Jordanian family.
Built incrementally since the 90s, its facade did not meet the resident’s expectations. Siryali was responsible for  redesigning the existing architecture and a major extension into the plot of land bought at the back of the house.

​To cut down on cost, the existing front façade was to be treated but not entirely demolished. Both side facades were preserved. Our approach to this project was to play on the co-existence between the new and the old. The design in the old section veered to neo-classism, while the extension played up the natural modern notes of the building.

Facade Treatment, Redesign and Extension Approach
Zk Residence Mood board, including Double Volume, Landscape, and fine Gallery Inspiration points.
Ground Floor, First Floor and Longitudinal Section through ZK Residence.
A look up towards the ceiling of the Entry Foyer
The Statue Gallery on the first floor, overlooking entry way and en route to Master Suite.
Double Volume Entry Foyer with Bespoke Chandelier, Marble and Marble Insets and Bespoke Mirror.
Marqueteering to Marble Floor and Staircase
ZK Residence Back Facade is modern and veering on minimalism to allow for balance with anticipated future extensions for the children.