Belemi, 2020.
From the River Seeds collection – Siryali Studios.

So much of a culture’s beliefs and aesthetics is revealed through its jewelry. River seeds is inspired by concepts in Mesopotamian ornaments, which celebrate the delicacy of foliage and the bold silhouettes of waterbodies. 

Based on Siryali Studios’ collaboration with Safina Projects, Belemi is computational generated collection, building on algorithms of extinct Iraqi vessels.

When I was a little girl, I would beg my mother to tie ribbons from gift packaging on my arm. I admired the twirling shapes of the ribbons, and cherished them like they were the finest jewels. She then taught me an Iraqi phrase, “You decorate yourself with melon seeds,“ something which my grandmother used to say to her. Honoring a cross-generational appreciation for fine things, I am very honored to be sharing the first images from River Seeds.

Maryam Saeed , Siryali Studios.

The gold leaves are gently textured to mimic the ripples of rivers
Sumerian jewelry is actually considered to be the leading catalyst of modern jewelry and went on to inspire the greeks and romans in their aesthetics.