Multi-Unit Housing

Design, Visualization + Tender

Baghdad, Iraq – 2021

Baghdad is a changing city. Many of it’s previous land owners are choosing to extract a plot of land for property development to allow for the population growth and generate additional income. 

Ora City flats are one such example. Our client split his 400m plot of land in half, and approached us about phase 1 : Multi Unit Housing. 

Brief :

3 Bedroom. 2.5 Bathroom  Flat on Ground Floor

2 Appartments on 1st Floor, 2 Bedrooms Each

3 Bedroom. 2.5 Bathroom Flat  on Second Floor

Total Area : 200ms, Buildable Area : 165ms.

Ora City Flats are a work in progress that is bound to evolve with time, and a potential project win for the remainder of the land. Here is a documentations of our concepts.