Girl With a Gold Earring – The 2021 Earrings by Siryali Studios

16 grams of 18 K Gold, the one of a kind pair is masterfully designed to move gently with the woman they adorn.

Light as a feather, and with a carefully chosen Brushed Gold Finish, the earrings delicately reflect the light, so that the woman is seen to be glowing with love and light. Original Arabic Calligraphy belongs to eje-studio.

In Arabic, Ebrahim Jafar’s Masterpiece reads Hubb, meaning love. Click here to see more about eje-studio.

In the love of Romance, of the mastery of Arabic Calligraphy, and our particular admiration of jewelry, we converted Ebrahim’ Jafar’s Masterpice into a Masterpiece of their own : A pair of gold, asymmetrical earrings.

Girl with a Gold Earring