Office + Co-work.

Beijing, China

​2019 . Design + Visualization.

Studio 68 envisions a co-work space in a super star arrival to the Beijing Skyline. Drawing from the stunning curves of Leeza Soho, and the dynamic identity of the Zaha Hadid brand, the studio is designed to  inspire  collaboration, interaction and flexibility among its creative users. 

This co-work space was designed while offices were overtaking landmark hotels and flagship stores around the world. It now stands as an ode to an era of offices that may never be again.

Studio 68 was shortlisted for the Society of British Interior Designers’ 2020 International Design Excellence Awards ( CGI + VIsualization Category)

Pre-eliminary Mood Board for Studio 68
Made up of largely flexible seating arrangements, Studio 68 is zoned for maximum efficiency
A custom Made, built in Reception Desk reflecting Building ad Studio Brand
Meeting Hub 01 at Studio 68 is targeted for guests, with clear wayfinding and high transparency, enabling company to show off its products and talent, while maintaining visitor sense of safety.
The reception Lounge for Studio 68 with multiple seating arrangements and seat hierarchy to encourage interaction between staff and visitors
Hierarchal casual seating arrangements amplify visual communication and use of space.
Work Cluster 1 is poised between the Blue Hub, the informal meeting lounge and the display buffer. The space is a mix of whites and greys to enable products to take center stage and minimize visual clutter.

Blue Hub with Modular Tables used as a Meeting Space
A look into the Blue Space, Used to break work clusters into manageable neighborhoods.
A peak into the Blue Space set up as a casual lounge.
Coorci, Siryal Studios’ first chair was designed for Studio 68
Built in Stepped Seating and 2 person meeting bays at the narrowest point of the building
Our favorite spot in Studio 68 : A large pivot seat overlooking the studding Leeza Atrium, anchored by a Siryali Studios Glowb floor lamp. A great area for introspection and work away from the rigid structure of the desk