Luxury Hospitality , Seychelles. 

Design , Visualization + Tender, 2017-2018

Hospitality experiences around the Indian ocean define ultra-luxurious hotels and resorts. Suite 105 takes its cues from the likes of Aman Yara, transporting guests to havens of calm and delight. 

Between a spa and a bungalow, Suite 105 is designed to continuously engage and delight the senses. It boasts solid hardwood floors, textured stones, silky marbles, dual rain showers and heated stones in-set into the flooring. Furniture Pieces are an ode to endangered artisanal crafts from basketry furniture to ancient treasure chests.

Mood Board for Suite 105
Instagram-able Her Bedside Table
Travel inspired styling at His Bed-Side Table
Hammered Metal Panel serves as a backdrop for the statement freestanding Marble Tub
Spaces that fuse and complement : Statement Bathtub and vanity lead to a walk in closet that feels like home. Enclosable with stackable sliding Doors.
Dual Rain Shower in a glass box peeks into the master suite.
Dressing Table , Console or Suite Desk: Furniture pieces that serve current travellers.