Food + Beverage
Cairo, Egypt 
2016, Design + Visualization

The client for Cafe Siryali is a socialite who collects unique furniture pieces. She wanted to share her collections with the world, and create a space that was about so  much more than a cup of coffee. We sat down with the client, creating an inventory of her collection and establishing a design that would  complement the charismatic furnishings. We also helped her pick out further pieces that would  enable continuous remixing.

​Cafe Siryali is designed to cater for individual customers and large groups,  providing spaces for meeting, work and recreation in hammocks, swings, majlis and group tables – Something for everyone.

Visualized Layout of Café’ Siryali
Mood Board of Café Siryali
A peek through the Glass into Café Siryali
Shot of the Suspended Swing with eclectic tree trunk table setup and a boho patchwork fabric selection
A look at a Seating bay in Café Siryali with maximalist fabric selections
A look into a seating bay within wood-clad columns at Café Siryali
Hammock in A seating Bay and a round faceted iris mirror against boho graphics at Café Siryali